Clarifying patient medical homes and primary care networks

November 02, 2018

Doctors are telling the GPSC that the concepts of patient medical homes (PMHs) and primary care networks (PCNs) can be confusing. 

In simple terms, the patient medical home refers to the doctor’s practice. It builds on what doctors are already doing and takes the practice to the next level where GPs can focus on diagnoses and longitudinal patient relationships. The physician is supported by teams and networks of care to provide the full spectrum of primary care needs that the patients within the practice need. The primary care network refers to a clinical network of providers in a geographic area that responds to the primary care needs of the patients within the community, and provides clear linkages to more specialized care as needed. It includes GPs in PMHs along with allied health providers, health authority services and community health services.

To help communicate about PMHs and PCNs, the GPSC has created four information sheets for doctors and divisions to download:

The set of information sheets will also be mailed to all family doctors in BC via the BC Medical Journal later this month.