Through its ongoing work to attach patients to family doctors, the Vancouver Division of Family Practice noticed a growing demand for doctors who provide culturally sensitive care for transgender patients. However, the Division was aware of only one family doctor with the practice capacity and necessary skill-set to take on these patients.

To create a sustainable solution, the Division looked at the specific patient needs and number of patients requiring attachment then identified family doctors who had come forward, but didn’t have the skillset. The Division provided mentorship, training, networking and resource opportunities for these doctors, all of which enabled five additional doctors to take on a small cohort of transgender patients.

The model applied here to increase physician capacity (i.e., identifying patient numbers and needs then providing support and training to family physicians to care for those patients) can be replicated across different patient cohorts.

“I went from DIY medicine to actual care in days,” says a successfully matched patient who had been without a doctor for four years and managing their own psychiatric medication. “It’s been really wonderful to feel that people really give a d*mn. Thank you!”