Kootenay Boundary Division works side-by-side with health care teams to improve residential care

In late spring, a group of 36 physicians, residential care facility managers & providers, nurses and Interior Health administrators from nine residential care facilities across seven Kootenay Boundary communities came together for the first ever residential care regional quality improvement meeting.

The meeting is the brainchild of Dr. Trevor Janz, Physician Lead of residential care for the Kootenay Boundary Division. "We know that great ideas come when the full team is together," said Dr. Janz. "Quality improvement meetings bring care teams together at the region-wide level, and use statistics and data to compare our facilities with each other, Interior Health as a whole, and the provincial averages. Armed with this information, we can work together, sharing leading practices, ideas for dealing with specific challenges and continuously improving the care we give." Read more on the division's website.