GPSC Summit celebrates A GP for Me and moving forward together

December 02, 2016

Nearly 300 of BC’s primary health care leaders attended a two-day event in Richmond earlier this week for the GPSC’s Summit: Moving Forward Together.

Attendees included physicians and staff from Divisions of Family Practice, and representatives from the GPSC, Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health, and health authorities. As partners in the A GP for Me initiative, they celebrated their collective achievements and discussed their shared learnings.

The summit also examined the ways in which A GP for Me has helped build momentum towards an integrated system of care  and lay the foundation for future work in our province. Stories of innovation and significant change energized session dialogue and sparked discussion about the ways in which we are all contributing to creating a clear path to care.

Acknowledging the patient medical home (PMH) as an important vehicle to enable increased access to quality primary care, the summit focused on topics such as:

  • PMH expectations in BC
  • Measuring access for evaluation of the PMH
  • The PMH in rural communities,
  • Social determinants of health and the PMH,
  • Practice coverage as a key component of the PMH
  • Neighbourhood networks, and
  • Creating and strengthening partnerships.

A summary of the event is forthcoming.

Dr Alan Ruddiman, Doctors of BC President, with Dr Shelley Ross, GPSC Co-chair, at the GPSC Summit on November 28 and 29, 2016.