System Change

Updated April 11, 2024

Let's create a clear path to care.

Building on its focus to promote physician leadership and inspire health care change, FPSC is on a collaborative, multi-year journey to transform primary care. The committee works with long-standing partners including Doctors of BC, the Ministry of Health, family doctors, community-based divisions of family practice, the five regional health authorities, the First Nations Health Authority, and other health care groups and First Nations partners.

Together, these provincial partners are working to enable access to quality primary health care that effectively meets the needs of patients and populations in BC.

Learn more about changes to PCN governance, or download a PDF about the changes.

FPSC goals:

  • Increase access to appropriate, comprehensive, quality primary health care.
  • Improve support for patients, particularly vulnerable patients, through enhanced and simplified linkages between providers.
  • Contribute to building a more effective, efficient, and sustainable health care system in order to increase access to primary care, and to ensure patients can have a long-term relationship with a primary care provider, usually a family doctor.
  • Retain and attract family doctors and teams to work together in healthy and vibrant work environments.

Team-based care is the overarching principle of this work, with patient medical homes (PMH) as the foundation, and primary care networks (PCNs) knitting together services and organizations to better coordinate care for patients.

Panel management is foundational work for family doctors and their primary care teams to prepare for system changes. Accurate patient panels enable doctors to make informed decisions about the clinical and team supports they need in a practice to best care for their patients.

Clinical networks are a key element to affect change in the primary care system, enabling doctors to rely on each other for practice coverage and to provide continuous care for patients.

This integrated team-based health care system will enable lasting system change, and ensure patients have a clear path to the care they need, now and in the future.