Inpatient Care

FPSC’s inpatient care initiative helps family doctors continue providing longitudinal care when their patients are in hospital. Since 2013, inpatient care payments have compensated family doctors for their commitment to maintaining relational continuity and coordinating this important aspect of patient care.

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Direct funding to family doctors 

Inpatient Care Network Incentives

The inpatient care incentives (14086, 14088) recognize the importance of continuous FP-patient relationships including in-patient care and coordination of patient transitions between hospitals and community. The in-patient care incentives promote and support family physicians who participate in the FPSC's Inpatient Initiative by providing inpatient care to their own patients, and those FPs who additionally care for unassigned inpatients.

Funding to Divisions of Family Practice

Inpatient Care Bridge Funding

From 2021, the FPSC has approved additional “bridge funding” to provide temporary support to communities struggling to sustain the provision of inpatient care. The bridge funding is intended to help communities maintain inpatient care services while a long term payment model is implemented for inpatient care. The availability of bridge funding is reviewed by FPSC each year. The FPSC has approved bridge funding for 2023/24FY.

Inpatient Care Stabilization Funding

In 2023/24, the FPSC approved additional “stabilization funding” to further support communities to sustain inpatient care. This temporary support is in addition to existing FPSC Inpatient Care Network Incentives and Inpatient Care Bridge Funding.

The FPSC Stabilization Funding for Inpatient Care is intended to help communities maintain inpatient care services until a long-term payment model (e.g. Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model) is implemented for inpatient care. The stabilization funding is intended to be temporary financial support to maintain current service levels. It is not intended to fund a long-term model for inpatient care.

 Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model

From February 2023, the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model has provided longitudinal family physicians with an alternative to fee-for-service. Currently, the LFP Payment Model only includes in-office clinical services. The FPSC is supporting Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors and the Ministry of Health to expand the LFP Payment Model to include facility based physician services (including inpatient care services) provided by LFPs. An announcement about the LFP Payment Model and facility based care is expected to take place no later than October 2023.

For more information, visit New payment model: A choice for family physicians (Doctors of BC login required).