The FPSC works with doctors, divisions, and partners to support the evaluation of projects and innovations within the integrated system of care being created through patient medical homes (PMH) and primary care networks (PCN). The evaluation process takes place at the local, regional, and provincial levels.

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The goal of evaluation is to give divisions, doctors, and partners the opportunity to learn from experiences, adopt innovations, and make strategic decisions. The process supports knowledge sharing and health system improvement, and helps the FPSC to support the spread of success and identify and address needs in practices, communities, and the system.

Get involved

  • Reflect on practice opportunities using PMH Assessment and Patient Experience Tool.
  • Co-develop evaluations and case studies that highlight experiences and innovations.
  • Share community voices through stories of most significant change.
  • Contribute to the provincial understanding of PMH and PCN implementation and outcomes.

To learn more or to participate, contact evaluation@doctorsofbc.ca or a local division of family practice.

Work underway

Click on the following titles for more information on the work to date on key evaluation activities.

PMH Assessment

The voluntary self-assessment supports family doctors to reflect on their practice in relation to the 12 PMH attributes. Doctors can complete the assessment independently, one-on-one with support from PSP, or in a group division event.

Work to date: 2,000+ family doctors (34% of all family doctors) have completed the electronic PMH self-assessment at least once.
(Updated: August 2019)

Case studies

The case studies provide an in-depth exploration of PMH innovations across the province.

Work to date: 11 mixed-method evaluations completed or underway
(Updated: July 2022)


Sunshine Coast: EMR Database Integration
April 2022
Merger of five MedAccess EMR databases from five independent clinics into one database for all patients.
Full | Summary

Burnaby: Family Physician Networks
February 2022
Enablers of FP networking activities, and development of governance framework to enable networking.
Full | Summary

Victoria/South Island: Patient Summaries for Transitions in Care
September 2021
Improvements to the flow of information between physicians, hospitals, and the community.
Full | Summary

Central Okanagan: Integrating Nurses into Practice - Transition Stage 
November 2020
Processes and initial outcomes from the Nurse-in-Practice program.
Full | Summary

Mission: Converting to Population Based Funding - Development and Transition Stages
November 2020
Processes and initial outcomes of converting the clinic from a fee-for-service (FFS) model to a population-based model.
Full | Summary

Nanaimo: Culturally Safe Team-based Care at the Snuneymuxw Health Centre
November 2020
Integration of physician services in a First Nations interdisciplinary health team; culturally safe and appropriate care.
Full | Summary

Kootenay Boundary: PMH/PCN Proof of Concept
February 2019
Pros/cons of establishing a health care cooperative, and development of a quality improvement framework in team-based care.
Full | Summary

Thompson: Family Physician Network Development
February 2019
Enablers of FP networking activities, and PSP and the local division working together to support the creation of FP networks.
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Vancouver Island: PCN Steering Group Structure
January 2019
Social network analysis of an Interdivisional Collaborative Services Committee, and enablers of effective networks for PMH/PCN implementation.
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Sunshine Coast: Community Health Centre
November 2018
Enablers of effective team-based care in a CHC setting.
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In progress

South Okanagan Similkameen: Nurse in Practice
Integration of a nurse into practice in a fee-for-service context.

Most significant change stories

What We Value: Stories of Most Significant Change (MSC) from Physicians, Allied Healthcare Providers, and Patients
Captures the most significant changes that resulted from Patient Medical Home (PMH) strategies such as the implementation of team-based care with allied health professionals (i.e., pharmacists and social workers). The MSC method highlights impacts and unintended impacts related to PMH work, and unpacks the core values held by different health care stakeholders as they undertake primary care system change.
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30 stories collected; Read or listen to the stories.
(Updated: November 2020)


  • Central Okanagan
  • Kootenay Boundary
  • North Peace
  • North Shore
  • South Island
  • South Okanagan Similkameen
  • Sunshine Coast


  • Family doctors
  • MOAs
  • Patients
  • Division staff
  • Peer mentors
  • PSP team members
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered nurses
  • Social workers
  • School principals & students


Join the FPSC Evaluation Roster - help us conduct health system evaluation across BC

The FPSC Evaluation team is looking for candidates with evaluation expertise to be part of a Consultant Evaluation Roster. Our team helps support the provincial evaluation of patient medical homes (PMHs) and primary care networks (PCNs) across British Columbia. These provincial, regional, and local-level evaluations are key to understanding the successes and challenges of PMH and PCN work.

Candidates in the roster will be available for consideration whenever relevant opportunities arise. Strong candidates will possess background and/or subject area expertise in the BC primary care system. We welcome candidates from a range of evaluation backgrounds and methodological approaches. Candidates will be contacted directly by the relevant team using the email address provided in their application.

Apply by filling out the intake form.