Enhance your use of health technology

In partnership with the Doctors Technology Office, we offer a range of EMR services that help physicians and practice teams use their EMRs  more effectively for both foundational and quality improvement activities. Our team offers expertise across various EMRs, leveraging skills from physician and medical office assistant (MOA) peer mentors to provide the support you need to help the benefits of health technology.

Use your EMR more effectively

Individual coaching and mentoring support

Connect with one of our skilled coaches, a physician, or MOA peer mentor with expertise in your EMR or virtual care platform for support specific to your individual needs. We can help you find resources, get connected with the Doctors Technology Office, or get involved in a group learning session with your peers.

Group sessions

We offer tailored group learning opportunities to enable doctors and MOAs who use the same EMR or health technology platform to come together to work toward improving their proficiency. Sessions may focus on EMR workflow, access and efficiency, panel management, and practice improvement activities. To get involved, contact us at psp@doctorsofbc.ca, or submit a service request here.  

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Find health technology resources

We work in partnership with the Doctors Technology Office to support physicians in implementing and enhancing their use of health technology platforms, like EMR and other integrated care programs, that improve workflow and efficiency while preserving quality, equity, privacy, and cultural safety.

Clinical and practice management tools

Our team can help you access and use tools embedded in your EMR to improve clinical documentation and simplify practice workflows. We can help doctors and their teams use tools within their EMR to apply learnings from clinical educational sessions and to identify and care for patients with underdiagnosed chronic conditions by:

  • Linking to patient registries to simplify scheduling of recall appointments and periodic testing.

  • Completing patient questionnaires directly in EMRs.

  • Accessing patient handouts.

To support doctors in the phases of panel management and other clinical quality improvement activities that PSP supports, our team has worked with many EMRs across the province to embed resources directly into EMRs. The Doctors Technology Office offers resources and guides to EMRs and EMR data migrations.

Our team can also help you get connected with other health technology initiatives around the province such as Pathways, the Health Data Coalition, and Up-to-Date. Let us know if you're interested.

Use virtual care tools in your practice

Our team can help community-based primary care teams:

  • Deliver virtual care in a way that emphasizes the patient-doctor relationship.

  • Support optimal patient care through the adoption of full-spectrum virtual care, alongside in-person appointments.

  • Identify opportunities to integrate virtual care into your practice workflow in a way that is both sustainable and effective.