After Hours Care program pilot: The first three months

Dec 20, 2023

As of December 12, approximately 70% of family doctors and nurse practitioners in communities participating in the After Hours Care program pilot have signed up to use the service with their patients, serving a combined population of 370,000 attached patients. In addition, more than 90 physicians have signed up to staff the service, more than half of whom have so far staffed one or more shifts.

The service is considered to be a success by FPSC. In fact, the project team has been asked to expand the pilot to another community in January, prior to the pilot actually ending in March. Significantly, physicians working the service have been able to: 

  • Completely resolve 29% of calls they received, reducing the need for another appointment with community longitudinal family physicians and nurse practitioners. 
  • Accelerate access to care for 25% of callers, whether that was to the emergency department, or an urgent appointment with their community family physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Reconnect 35% of callers with their community family physician or nurse practitioner for appropriate follow-up.