BC Family Doctor Day: May 19, 2022. A message from the GPSC Co-Chairs

May 18, 2022

Dear Family Physicians,

Thank you for the extraordinary work you do as family doctors, each and every day, for your patients and your communities. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to patient care during these incredibly difficult times. 

We’re hearing very clearly from the public how much they value you as family physicians and the critical role you play in their lives. The public’s voice is amplifying the opportunities that are before us to address the challenges you face in delivering effective and timely longitudinal primary care. With our shared resolve, we will continue to work together to find solutions and move towards a more equitable, sustainable, and accessible system to support you to continue to provide exemplary care to patients: A system that eases those burdens and values all of your work. 

We celebrate each and every one of you today. Thank you for all you do.


Dr Mitch Fagan, Interim Co-Chair, GPSC

Ted Patterson, Co-Chair, GPSC
Assistant Deputy Minister, Primary Care Division, BC Ministry of Health