Business Pathways supports: Audits and group practice agreements

March 03, 2023

To help support doctors in the event that they face an audit, Business Pathways published Audits explained, which outlines types of audits, guides doctors through the audit process, and provides resources and supports. The article clarifies:

  • Billing audits.
  • Practice inspections.
  • Physician Office Medical Device Reprocessing Assessments (POMDRA).
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits.

Business Pathways also offers template agreements for group practices to help doctors initiate or revise contract agreements, including:  

  • Contractor agreements.
  • Cost sharing agreements.
  • Release of information agreements (related to assignment of payments).
  • Group governance agreements (coming soon).

These templates can help minimize the cost of drafting contracts, but clinics must use legal support to negotiate the terms of their specific agreements. Examples from previous agreements are available to help doctors with considerations such as ensuring a transparent process and communicating the importance of equal participation by all group members.