Dr Sari Cooper becomes new physician co-chair of GPSC

June 27, 2022

The Board of Directors of Doctors of BC has appointed Dr Sari Cooper as the new co-chair of the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC). Dr Cooper is a family physician in Victoria, BC who has practiced community-based longitudinal family medicine since 2001. She has been a member of the GPSC since 2019.

With her experience as a practicing family physician and her proven leadership skills, Dr Cooper will work closely with the GPSC physician caucus to advocate for the profession at the committee, which is the leading collaborative table for primary care transformation in BC.    

Dr Cooper is excited and humbled by the appointment. “I believe wholeheartedly in the value of the relational care both for patients and as the foundation of the healthcare system,” she said. “I have been energized by my work with GPSC as a member of the caucus over the last three years and I am honored by this appointment. I know this team well. They are incredible and we will continue to work tirelessly together with our partners to solve the challenges and barriers that lie in our path. I am excited by the opportunities that lie ahead of us."

Dr Cooper has always made teaching an important part of her career. She holds a clinical appointment at UBC where she teaches courses in the Island Medical Program such as Case-Based Learning, Clinical Skills, and Portfolio. Previously, she held the role of medical director for the Victoria Health Co-operative Health Centre. Outside of her medical career, Dr Cooper has a busy and active family, and she is the author of a middle-grade novel.

The GPSC welcomes Dr Cooper to her new role as co-chair, and thanks Dr Mitchell Fagan for serving as interim co-chair since April 2022.

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