December 06, 2022

GPSC has a new name following ratification of the 2022 Physician Master Agreement (PMA) on December 6, 2022. The General Practice Services Committee is now the Family Practice Services Committee, or FPSC.

The new name reflects a general shift away from the term “general practice,” which carries connotations of rotating internships, in favour of “family practice,” which reflects the recognized expertise of family physicians. It also highlights the support FPSC offers for the coordinated, continuous, relationship-based care provided by community longitudinal family physicians and practice teams throughout a patient’s lifetime.

This week, the FPSC name and updated logo will replace GPSC on the website, which will change from to Redirects will be set up to prevent broken links, and your bookmarks will continue to work. Our team is sending divisions of family practice updated versions of their logos. Behind the scenes, work is underway to update the divisions websites hosted on

FPSC’s commitment to strengthening full-service family practice and patient care in BC remains steadfast. FPSC will continue working with government to create a new PCN governance model that reflects doctors’ priorities, strengthens physician leadership, and helps enable effective team-based care.