GPSC increases maternity and in-hospital fees

Aug 9, 2019

Update: January 21, 2020
Eligible family doctors who provide maternity care and in-hospital care received retroactive payments on their January 15, 2020 remittance statement for the rate increases introduced by the GPSC last year. Retroactive payments are identified by adjustment code “80.” The MSP system has been updated with the new rates since December 2019. The rate increases have been paid retroactively to April 1, 2019.

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) is increasing fees for obstetric deliveries and hospital first visit bonuses by 30% to recognize the role of family doctors in providing maternity care and in-patient care in hospitals.

This is a small first step to address the challenges facing maternity care or in-patient care, and does not solve the problems on its own. The GPSC felt it was important to direct some funding that is immediately available to send a signal of support to physicians providing maternity and in-hospital care as the committee works toward enduring solutions.

The increases are effective retroactively to April 1, 2019.

Information on fee codes

  • G14004/5 and G14008/9: Obstetric delivery incentives for full service family physicians for maximum of 25 deliveries per year
  • P13338: Community based GP, first visit of the day bonus

Eligibility clarification for two fees: G14086 and G14010

As divisions of family practices move toward having primary care networks, some family doctors may be working under Alternative Payment (AP) funding, including Ministry of Health Primary Care GP contracts.

In some cases, AP funded family doctors may enter into practice agreements with primary care practices requiring the provision of in-patient care or maternity care services as part of their AP funded contracts. In these cases, the GPSC permits family doctors to bill G14086 (GP Assigned Inpatient Care Network Initiative) and G14010 (Maternity Care Network Initiative Payment) in addition to their AP funded contract, provided they participate in the network activities defined in G14086 and G14010.

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Other recent fee changes

The GPSC has introduced a series of improvements to its fees for family doctors earlier this year. The changes include:

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