Holiday message from FPSC

Dec 20, 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, we’d like to thank you for your dedication and your contributions to patients, families, and community. We appreciate all of the hard work that you’re doing in your communities across BC for family practice and for patients in primary care.

Over the past year, we’ve seen major transformations in primary care. We know there isn’t one solution to all of the challenges in family practice now, and that’s why Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health continue to work together on many fronts to improve primary care. These are all pieces of the puzzle.

The new Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model is an option for physicians that allows us to practice medicine the way we want to by valuing our time spent in longitudinal care. It is a major shift in the way we can work. As of December 14, 2023, there were 3910 family physicians signed up for the LFP Payment Model, which includes 675 net new family physicians (217 who were previously non-longitudinal and 458 who are new to practice). This is a truly historic achievement.

The new Provincial Attachment System (PAS) provides us, for the first time ever in this province, with a real view of attachment in our province and allows a matching up of physicians who have capacity with patients who need a family doctor. 

Leaders in our profession connected in person in October to talk about and shape the changes happening in primary care as well as to connect and share learnings. There was a focus on refreshing the Primary Care Networks, and more information will be shared about that in the new year. The Divisions of Family Practice also came together to discuss roles and shared learnings. 

In the December edition of the FPSC Update newsletter, you’ll read about:

In less than a year, the landscape of primary care in BC has radically shifted. We know there are still significant challenges before us. We know that with these large-scale changes, certain areas will be more impacted than others, and sometimes these necessary changes are disruptive. Yet, we believe that together we are improving the practice and delivery of primary care for physicians and patients. We commit to continuing to listen and work with you to connect the puzzle pieces as we fundamentally redesign primary care across the province.

Thank you for all the work you do. We hope you enjoy a break over the holiday season with your loved ones.


Dr Sari Cooper, FPSC Co-Chair
Ted Patterson, FPSC Co-Chair
Mark Armitage
Dr Greg Costello
Dani Daigle
Dr Jaron Easterbrook
Dr Janet Evans
Kelly Gunn
Shallen Letwin
John Mah
Dr Tracy Monk
Dr Baldev Sanghera