Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model updates

Jul 11, 2023

Since the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model launched in early 2023, Doctors of BC has sent regular newsletters to inform family doctors about important updates. Links to the three most recent issues are below.

For more in-depth information, including links to all LFP Payment Model newsletters, visit New payment model: A choice for family physicians (Doctors of BC login required).

July 7 LFP Payment Model newsletter.

  • Registration form for LFP Locum physicians. 
  • Panel cleanup webinars and drop-in sessions.
  • Health Connect Registry expansion follow-up 
  • Billing tips.

July 5 LFP Payment Model newsletter.

  • Health Connect Registry (HCR) expansion: Connecting unattached patients and family doctors.

June 29 LFP Payment Model newsletter.

  • Updated LFP Payment Schedule (locum eligibility, immunizations and injections).
  • Stabilization funding next steps.
  • Panel cleanup resources.
  • Empanelled patients requirement.
  • Billing tips.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact LFP.Billing@doctorsofbc.ca.