Practice Support Program supports for expanding in-person care

June 08, 2020

For current information regarding the GPSC's Practice Support Program (PSP), please visit the PSP webpage

As family practices expand in-person care as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, the GPSC’s Practice Support Program (PSP) can help the clinic develop a work safe restart plan, and also support physicians in transitioning their practices into a hybrid delivery model combining virtual and in-person care.

PSP offers flexible and tailored coaching and mentoring support in areas such as:

  • Implementing new team and patient workflows that align with provincial guidelines to expand clinics to in-person care while ensuring patient and staff safety.
  • Developing and implementing new visit scheduling processes to incorporate virtual and in-person patient visits.
  • Optimizing virtual care platforms for patient visits.
  • Exploring the patient experience of care during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Using patient panel information to identify and reach out proactively to at-risk patients, such as patients with complex care needs.

The PSP team of regional coaches provide 1:1 support to family physicians and teams to improve processes, and can also connect physicians with peer mentors.

PSP provides compensation and Mainpro+ credits to doctors and eligible team members (i.e. medical office assistants, allied health professionals (AHPs) in private practice and AHPs employed by a family practice) who make practice improvements using PSP’s facilitated quality improvement (QI) cycle.Through in-practice visits with a PSP team member and/or peer mentor, a QI cycle may include participation in PSP learning opportunities, and the use of data tools for measuring change throughout the QI cycle.

Family doctors and each eligible practice team member can receive payment for 1-15 hours of participating in QI activities. Family doctors may earn up to 45 certified Mainpro+ credits (three credits per hour), for 1-15 hours in total for the completion of a facilitated QI cycle.

For questions or more information about eligibility requirements for PSP compensation and certification, please email or contact your regional PSP team below:

(PSP contacts were updated July 2021. To find the most recent information on PSP, please visit the PSP webpage.)