Quality improvement projects worth the effort

May 17, 2024

Physicians and eligible team members who participate in quality improvement (QI) projects through FPSC’s Practice Support Program (PSP) can receive support, compensation and certification when making improvements toward practicing more efficiently and providing comprehensive and accessible care.

PSP coaches provide support and guidance to help practice teams manage pressing issues around areas such as health technology, team-based care, and panel management. Family doctors and each eligible practice team member can receive payment for up to 15 hours total per QI cycle. In addition, this program has been certified for up to 45 Mainpro+ credits (at three credits per hour).

QI activities may focus on areas such as recalling patients with diabetes to test their blood glucose levels, improving office flow for patient visits, shortening patient wait times, enhancing effective team communication within the practice, working with a PSP Coach through the Phases of Panel Management, and updating panel in the Provincial Attachment System (PAS).

Panel management uses Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data to help provide better care to your patients, especially those with chronic or complex conditions. In addition to compensation for panel management through QI activities with PSP, family physicians working with a PSP coach can receive an FPSC bonus payment upon completion of all phases of panel management.

PSP can also help practice teams streamline their processes for updates to their Provincial Attachment System (PAS) data by outlining how specific supports and processes in Panel Management can set them up for success.

Practice team members eligible for compensation include medical office assistants (MOAs) and other administrative team members, interdisciplinary team members in private practice, and other team members employed by a family physician practice.  Family doctors are compensated at the JCC sessional rate at the time of the quality improvement activity. Team members employed or compensated by a health authority are not eligible.

For more information about eligibility requirements for compensation and certification, submit a service request.