September 21, 2022

On Tuesday, September 6, family doctors would have received emails detailing the funding application process for the $43-million Community Longitudinal Family Physician (CLFP) 2022 payment from GPSC. The personalized emails included details on funding eligibility and links to  application forms. Detailed information including eligibility is available in the 2022 CLFP FAQ.

The deadline for eligible physicians to submit the CLFP claim form is September 30, 2022, with payments anticipated to be delivered to eligible physicians in October.

Since 2019, GPSC has provided the CLFP Payment to recognize family physicians who work under fee-for-service and provide long-term, relationship-based care for a panel of patients.

While the CLFP Payment is an ongoing annual payment, the upcoming payment includes an additional top up made available by GPSC for 2022 to further enhance financial supports for community longitudinal family physicians and to extend eligibility for a modified 2022 CLFP Payment to family physicians providing longitudinal care to a panel of patients, working under select alternative payment models and pay overhead. Payment amounts for eligible family physicians who are under an alternative payment model will vary according to the type and current terms of their model/contract. 

If you have questions about the CLFP, please contact

The emails sent to family physicians on September 6 also included information about the $75-million Clinic Stabilization Fund. This funding is provided by the BC government to help stabilize family practices until a new payment model is developed, and to provide a bridge for practices and clinics to keep their doors open for patients from October 1 to January 31, 2023. Clinic medical directors need to submit their funding application forms by September 30, 2022. For more information, please see the FAQ document (login required), the joint announcement with government, and the recent President’s Letter (login required). If you have further questions, email