Webinar series: learn more about billing GPSC fees

August 08, 2019

Family doctors are invited to join a four-part webinar series about billing GPSC fees to:

  • Increase confidence when billing GPSC incentives.
  • Better support appropriate billing.
  • Improve understanding about fee rules.
  • Not miss billing for additional services.

Based on physician feedback, the GPSC and SGP are expanding their series from new-to-practice to all family doctors and their MOAs. The webinars were first presented to new-to-practice GPs in winter 2018 and spring 2019.

Led by physician educators, each 90-minute webinar will be cumulative and content-specific.

Space is limited.

Here are the details about each webinar:

1. Introduction to MSP Billing for Family Practice: September 17 at 6pm | Register closed

  • Basic visit (00100 series)
  • Complete physical (00101)
  • Counseling (00120)
  • House calls
  •  WorkSafe BC and ICBC visits

2. GPSC Billing Part 1: October 1 at 6pm | Register closed

  • GPSC Portal (G14070, G14071)
  • Mental Health Planning and Management (14043-14048)
  • Palliative Care planning (G14063)
  • Prevention (G14066)

3. GPSC Billing Part 2: October 24 at 6pm | Register closed

  • GPSC Portal Recap
  • Complex Care Planning (14033, 14075)
  • CDM (14050-14053, 14029)

4. GPSC Billing Part 3: November 20 at 6pm | Register

  • Communicating with patients (G14076, G14078, 14023)
  • Conferencing about patients (G14077, 13005, G14018)
  • Providing advice to another provider about a patient (13005, G14019, 14021, 14022)

For questions about GPSC fees, gpsc.billing@doctorsofbc.ca.

For questions about GPSC or MSP fees, contact Doctors of BC Fee Advisors or the Section of General Practitioners.