Update: Practice Support Program

May 30, 2022

Recruiting coaches at Doctors of BC for the GPSC Practice Support Program (PSP) is now underway with positions slated to be filled by early fall 2022. It’s the next phase of transitioning PSP service delivery from the health authorities into one organization, an undertaking announced in fall 2021. The move brings together all PSP staff onto one team – the primary care practice infrastructure team, also home to the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) – within the engagement and quality improvement department at Doctors of BC, and the organization is delighted to welcome the coaches to the team.

During the transition, PSP continues to deliver practice supports to physicians. In some cases, coaches in other regions or with advanced skills are stepping in to provide services as needed. This collaborative approach to service delivery is one of the major aims of the transition – to operate cohesively as one team, leveraging staff strengths to provide the right service at the right time to primary care physicians and teams.

The transition aims to realize the benefits of a centralized approach to service delivery, which include:

  • Continuing to provide quality practice supports that enable family physicians to build effective patient medical homes and participate in primary care networks.
  • A more streamlined approach enabling the team responding to evolving physician needs.
  • Leveraging strengths across the team to provide comprehensive practice supports wherever a physician is located in the province.
  • Greater consistency, alignment, and clarity in terms of role scope and responsibility.
  • Greater knowledge sharing with centralized data sourcing, analytics, and common evaluation metrics.

In the months ahead, the PSP leadership team will hold engagement sessions with the Divisions of Family Practice to understand both community and physician needs related to practice supports. These conversations will inform PSP’s service delivery planning and identify opportunities for working better together as GPSC partners.


Key contacts: Regional Managers for Practice Support Delivery

If physicians need assistance from PSP, please reach out to the regional Manager for Practice Support Delivery at Doctors of BC: