Last updated: March 31, 2022

The application deadline for the HDC Discover Payment was March 31, 2022 and as such, no new applications are being accepted at this time.

What is this payment?

The GPSC introduced a new payment in July 2021 to encourage family doctors to utilize HDC Discover as a tool to make data-informed quality improvements in their practices. Family doctors who completed panel management were eligible for a new $1,000 GPSC payment if they enrolled in HDC Discover and completed the orientation in the web based application.

The GPSC created the HDC Discover Payment to leverage its investment in data and tools, like HDC Discover, to enable the broad use of quality improvement activities in family practices across BC. Supporting family doctors and teams in learning how to pull and analyze data to improve patient care is critically important to the success of primary care transformation.

Why use HDC Discover?

HDC Discover is a physician-led web based application that supports quality improvement in primary care. As more physicians use the application, communities and family doctors will increasingly be able to conduct primary care network planning and make data-informed decisions on a local or regional level.

HDC Discover helps family doctors to:

    • Better understand their patient population and patterns of practice on its own or as it compares to their clinic and larger community.
    • Explore data-informed learning based on the doctor’s interests in a safe, secure environment that maintains confidentiality for the doctor and patients.
    • Share and see progress with colleagues if desired.
    • Inform valuable discussions with their practice coaching team in partnership with the Practice Support Program, as well as the peer mentoring program.
    • Implement practice improvements and provide data-informed care to patients.
    • See improvements in patient care over time with HDC’s automatic data transfer and reporting features.


To be eligible for the payment, family doctors need to have met the following:

    • Complete all phases of panel management.
    • Use an eligible electronic medical records (EMR) system.*
    • Meet with an HDC representative to enrol the clinic in HDC Discover before March 31, 2022 (requires sign-off from the clinic lead).
    • Participate in an orientation session with an HDC or PSP representative viewing your own practice data in HDC Discover.
    • Assume the role of Most Responsible Physician/Provider (MRP) for a known panel of patients. 

*Eligible EMR’s: MedAccess, Wolf, most versions of Oscar, Intrahealth Profile and MOIS.

When was the application deadline?

The application deadline for the HDC Discover Payment was March 31, 2022 and as such, no new applications are being accepted at this time.

As the GPSC gathers feedback from this program, platforms, and tools in addition to HDC Discover, similar payments may be considered in the future. The GPSC also offers other grants and payments to support family doctors and the care they offer to their patients.

How do I enrol in panel management training?

To enrol in panel management training, family doctors can submit the online panel management commitment form. There are three phases to panel management and each phase could take up to 15 hours of physician or staff time to complete. The total time commitment may be up to 12 months. The process is certified for three Mainpro+ credits per hour and is compensated at sessional rates. More details can be found on the GPSC website.

Questions on panel management can be sent to

How do I enrol my clinic in HDC Discover?

Family doctors who want to enrol their clinic in HDC Discover, please send an email to with your name, phone number, and city. An HDC representative will be in touch shortly. 

When registration is complete, an HDC representative will begin working with the clinic to connect the clinic’s EMR to HDC and enable the flow of data.

Were other data or quality improvement platforms considered for this payment?

The HDC Discover Payment is a starting point for the GPSC supporting quality improvement activities. As the GPSC gathers feedback from the program, platforms and tools in addition to HDC Discover may be considered for similar payments.

Questions can be sent to