Sign up form for after hours care

Updated August 23 2023

Thank you for your interest in the After Hours Care Program pilot. By registering below, you will indicate your interest in:

  1. Using the service with your attached patients—for longitudinal Family Physicians (FPs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs),
  2. Staffing the service—during the pilot, this option is only available for FPs.

For the pilot period, which will launch September 19 and run for six months, we seek family physicians and nurse practitioners from the pilot regions of Langley, Victoria, South Island, Thompson Region and South Okanagan-Similkameen Divisions of Family Practice.

After completing the form below, you will receive information from FPSC including an overview of the formal sign-up process.

How your information will be used
The information you provide on this form will only be used by FPSC, HealthLinkBC, and your division of family practice to help plan the after hours care service. Your information will not be shared with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC nor the BC Ministry of Health for any other purpose.

Once you've returned the signed formal agreement to use the service with your patients, it takes us a few days to set everything up. The set up is key as it means that when your patients call, they can identify you as their family physician or nurse practitioner, and the service recognizes that you're participating in the pilot. When you receive the set up package from us, then everything is set up on our end for you to start using the service with your patients.


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Note: we ask this question for communications and expansion planning purposes only. Your answer will NOT be shared with the College or Ministry.

During the pilot, only attached, longitudinal patients are eligible to participate.
Note: your attached patients will be eligible for the pilot. This data assists the program in developing communications.
Note: this information is collected to help us plan the service and materials to support you; it will not be shared with the College.
Note: To estimate volume for pilot – may enter to nearest 100
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