Update on refreshing PCN (Primary Care Network) governance

May 19, 2023

The PCN Transition Working Group (TWG) has completed its work and provided recommendations for evolving the PCN governance model. In March, the TWG provided its recommendations to FPSC Co-Chairs Dr Sari Cooper and Ted Patterson, who are now considering all of the input and continuing discussions with key partners. An update will be provided once next steps have been determined. Until there’s a formal response to the TWG, there won’t be any changes made to the PCN model.

While this process is ongoing, divisions, health authorities, and CSCs (Collaborative Services Committees) are asked to continue with the excellent collaborative work they have already underway on PCN planning and implementation.

Since 2018, communities across BC have worked to create PCNs, which are networks of clinics providing longitudinal primary care in a geographical area, linked with primary care services delivered by community organizations or health authorities. The vision for PCNs remains unchanged: An integrated system of primary and community care that wraps around patients, families and caregivers while decreasing burden on primary care providers.

At the May 2022 meeting between the Minister of Health, former Premier, Doctors of BC Board Chair and former President, the Ministry committed to work with Doctors of BC to look at the approach to PCN governance in response to feedback from physicians and divisions, with FPSC leading this work. In December 2022, FPSC Co-Chairs Dr Sari Cooper and Ted Patterson held a provincial session with representatives from the divisions of family practice, regional health authorities, and the First Nations Health Authority about refreshing PCN governance. In January 2023, the FPS Co-Chairs held five regional engagement sessions with primary care partners to share the latest developments, proposed next steps, and to seek input.

The TWG formed in January to provide recommendations and advice to the FPSC Co-Chairs about the transition of PCN governance, management, and administration, with four sub working groups (SWGs) on specific topics.

Thank you to the TWG members for generously contributing their time and insights.