$1,000 GPSC payment available to family doctors who complete panel management and enrol in HDC Discover

July 12, 2021

Family doctors who have completed panel management are eligible for a new $1,000 GPSC payment if they enrol in HDC Discover and complete the orientation in the web based application. The payment supports family doctors to utilize the application to make data-informed quality improvements in their practices. HDC Discover is a is a physician-led web based application that supports quality improvement in primary care. As more physicians use the application, communities and family doctors will increasingly be able to conduct primary care network planning and make data-informed decisions on a local or regional level. This payment is the latest step the GPSC is taking to support family doctors and the care they offer to their patients. Read the grants and payments page for more details on GPSC supports.

The GPSC created the HDC Discover Payment to leverage its investment in data and tools, like HDC Discover, to enable the broad use of quality improvement activities in family practices across BC. Supporting family doctors and teams in learning how to pull and analyze data to improve patient care is critically important to the success of primary care transformation.

As the GPSC gathers feedback from this program, platforms and tools in addition to HDC Discover may be considered for similar payments.

Learn more about the HDC Discover Payment