PSP offers a range of EMR services that help doctors and their practice teams optimize their use of EMRs and undertake quality improvement activities.

EMR Functionality Assessment

This electronic assessment helps doctors understand how optimizing their EMR functionality can improve office efficiency and clinical practice. A fully functional EMR can help doctors:

  • Streamline referral processes. 
  • Create automated clinical reminders. 
  • Manage practice revenue. 
  • Enhance patient access.

Group Sessions

These tailored learning opportunities enable doctors and MOAs who use the same EMR to come together to work toward improving their proficiency in EMR usage. Sessions focus on EMR workflow, access and efficiency, panel management, and practice improvement activities.

Clinical and Practice Management Tools

These EMR-enabled tools can help doctors improve clinical documentation and simplify practice workflows. Doctors and their teams can use these tools to apply learnings from clinical educational sessions and to identify and care for patients with underdiagnosed chronic conditions by:

  • Linking to patient registries to simplify scheduling of recall appointments and periodic testing.
  • Completing patient questionnaires directly in EMRs.
  • Easily accessing patient handouts.

Tools are available in most BC EMRs, and can be used for the Phases of Panel Management and other clinical quality improvement activities supported by PSP.

Chronic Pain 

Mental Health
Child & Youth 
Mental Health
Heart Failure


Intrahealth Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MOIS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oscar BC Yes Yes Yes Yes
QHR Technologies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telus Med Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telus Osler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telus Wolf Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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